Why Send a Gift at All?

The phenomenon of gift sending has come about over the last 50 years from necessity more than anything else. The thought behind a gift says a lot more to the recipient than the actual gift itself. Sometimes the gesture of a flower picked from a neighbour's garden means more than the most expensive bottle of Dom Perignon.

The right gift can indeed communicate a thousand words. So before you send your next gift, have a think about these 3 things...

1. You - The Sender

When you send a gift, make sure it's suitable for the message you're trying to convey. For example, if you're a male, don't send flowers to a work colleague - male or female - to say "Good Work on the Test". This could be construed in so many ways, many of which you probably don't intend. Just as you wouldn't send your wife or girlfiend (or both) a set of golf balls for Valentine's Day. Be sure that the gift you send is something that your recipient would expect from YOU.

2. The Gift Itself...

Your recipient will appreciate the thought of the gift much more than the gift itself. So before you send out the biggest, most expensive gift you can find, have a look for something that you think they may be able to use and/or enjoy... something that is personal to them. For example, a mad golfer may enjoy a Golf Ball Drink Bottle and a Bottle of Wine, much more than a new set of golf clubs of which they don't like the colour, are not the right size, don't suit their game, or a multitude of other reasons. So when you're deciding on the gift to send, think long and hard about the recipient and what gift THEY would like to receive.

3. The Thought Behind the Gift...

Okay, so here's the trick... just sending a gift to somebody - for whatever reason - is enough. That's what you get the points for... the thought of sending the gift. As long as you can match up the gift with the receiver, you'll be a star. Put some thought - rather than money - into the process. Think about your recipient, and match up the gift - no matter how much or how little it costs - to them. This way, you'll save money and you'll score more points... two very good reasons to do it.

The giving of a thoughtful gift in today's fast world is now more important than ever before. It's a great way of showing someone you care about them, and that they're in your thoughts, even though you have so many other things you need to think about. This is what stands the "great" people out from the "good" people. Send a gift today, and let someone know you're thinking of them.

Posted: 27/06/2014 6:22:54 PM by Rocky