Lots of people send beautiful gifts to say thanks or to show their gratitude. However, what should your Gift Card Message say?
Posted: 27 June 2014 by Rocky

It’s nice when you send your customers a gift. Just to say “hi” or “thanks for your business”. But it’s even nicer when you send your potential customers a gift. Let me explain…
Posted: 09 July 2014 by Rocky

by Nina Hendy as seen on Smart Company.

The fine art of schmoozing your best customers can seriously bolster your bottom line. But get it wrong and you risk looking like a complete schmuck.
Posted: 27 June 2014 by Rocky

Okay, so here’s the question… why even bother sending gifts to those you love or appreciate? It’s a pretty good question, and one that so many people simply answer “I don’t”.
Posted: 22 October 2015 by Rocky

Why do people send gifts to other people? And why do they send the gifts they do?
Posted: 27 June 2014 by Rocky