How do YOUR Gift Card Messages stack up?

Firstly, there really can be no “wrong” gift card message. If you’re sending a quality gift but your card message is a little “sloppy”, I don’t think you’ll get too many complaints. After all… it’s the thought that counts, right?

But if you really want to make an impact on your recipient, you need to send a beautiful, quality gift AND write a good card message too. Below are some simple examples that you make like to use…



Dear John… We’re thinking about you during this time of loss. Hope this small gift in some way helps to ease the pain. Love… Jan, Dave and the kids

Dear John… We’re so sorry to hear the sad news. Please know that our thoughts are with you. This gift is loaded with love and best wishes from all of us. Geoff and Cathy and Sasha

Thank You

Dear John… As always you did a fantastic job on the website/house/car/boat. Please accept this gift as a token of our appreciation. Regards… Kim and Keith

Dear John… Thanks for allowing us the privilege of selling your property. We wish you all the best for the future. Please accept this gift as a gesture of our appreciation. Kind Regards… Janine and the team at Aussie Realty


Dear John… Congratulations on the settlement of your new home. We appreciate you letting us help you to achieve your goals. Best wishes… Jim and the team

Dear John… You’ve excelled yourself once again and we all feel that a little congratulatory gift should be sent your way… please find said gift enclosed. Great Work. Best Regards… Sally and the team


Happy Birthday

Dear John… Happy Birthday to You! Seems like only yesterday we were celebrating your last birthday. Guess time flies when you’re having so much fun! Have a great day. Love Mum and Dad

Dear John… Happy Birthday dear friend. Remember that age is only important to red wine and cheese, but not to wonderful human beings like you. Hope you enjoy your day. Best Wishes… Jim and Linda

Get Well

Dear John… When we heard the news that you were ill, we knew that the best way to make you feel better would be to send you a gift. Please find “feeling better gift” attached to this card. Now get well soon! Love… Kim and Alex

Dear John… So sorry to hear that you’re not feeling up to your brilliant best. Hope this gift makes you feel a whole heap better. Let me know if there’s anything I can do. Love… Jenny

I Love You

Dear John… A small gift to show you how much you really mean to me. I love what we have and I know it wil last forever. Hugs & Kisses… Rachel xxx

Dear John… You really are my one and only, and I can't imagine ever being without you. I hope my small gift brings you even a small amount of the happiness you bring to my life on a daily basis. I love you... Jessica xx

Something Special for You

Dear John… May the happiness you bring to others be shared with you on this special occasion. Just want you to know we’re thinking of you and sending you beautiful, positive thoughts. You are a special person! Love… Belinda and James

Dear John… Don’t really have a reason for sending this gift, other than I want you to know how important you are to me. Please enjoy my little gift and know that you’re always in my thoughts. Love… Kalene

Dear John… Just because! Love Kelly

Remember that whenever you write a message to someone, make it relevant and personal. If you do this, every gift you send will have twice the impact. And with twice the impact you’re really only paying half price for the gift!

Posted: 27/06/2014 5:46:16 PM by Rocky